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being used in India

 Pictures and email from Brenda Sutton R.N. executive director of Servants House Inc.

For you - anything. Rarely do we find products this day an age where a product is more than it is advertised to be. At this point I wouldn't think of taking a trip without the Dr. Mom otoscopes. I'm taking your product into Ecuador on Saturday and back to Siberia  on Aug 31 so thus far, we have taken Dr. Mom to South Africa, the Amazon River of Peru, the Esmeraldas Jungles of Ecuador, NW and SE corners of India, Russia and Siberia.
Be Blessed
Brenda C Sutton, RN
Executive Director
The Servant's House, Inc. 

Hello Brenda,
I wanted to ask if you would mind us using your email on our website as a testimonial. It would be greatly appreciated if you would allow us to do so.
Doc Jim


Just a question. I noted on your website that if I order 2 or more there is free shipping and insurance. It was not deducted from my order.
Thanks so much.
Also, this is just a note of thank you.
I have been using Dr. Mom on all of my mission trips for 4 years now. We have to keep ordering more because the doctors love them.
Dr. Mom otoscopes are now in Siberia, Russia, Peru, Ecuador, India and soon to be - South Africa. You are the best!
Brenda C Sutton, RN
Executive Director
The Servant's House, Inc.


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Dr Mom Otoscopes Laramie, WY 82070 Ph: 307.343.7799
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