A comparison that is actually no comparison!

A side by side comparison between a Dr Mom Slimline Stainless LED otoscope powered by a LED light source and a MILA Medical Illuminating Ear Scope powered by an incandescent light bulb . Both were supplied with brand new energizer batteries before conducting the comparison.
What makes the LED bulb even more amazing is that it rated life is 25 years.

The Mila Ear Scopes bulb has a rated life of 3 to 5 working hours........

Incandescent bulbs contain a fragile filament that can be easily broken if the otoscope drops from your hands. The LED bulb is virtually indestructible. The LED also burns cool and uses substantially less electricity meaning your batteries will last much longer.

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You will also notice the incandescent bulb produces an unnatural yellow light while the LED produces a full spectrum light similar to daylight.


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